InGlass™ technology is a groundbreaking optical technology with unprecedented performance at very attractive price points thanks to advanced opto-mechanics and signal processing. The InGlass™  technology sets new standards for touch or pen performance, optical clarity and offer unique features such as pressure detection.

How InGlass™ technology works

  1. The electronics are uniquely located behind the glass
  2. Light is injected into a transparent medium and extracted at opposite side using an innovative optical element
  3. The light reflects based on FlatFrog’ patented InGlass™ technology
  4. An object touching the surface will cause a disturbance, detected on receiver end
  5. Advanced signal processing determines all touch coordinates by performing a FlatFrog unique 1D to 2D reconstruction

Why it's better

InGlass™ interactive technology offers market-leading touch performance and perfect optical clarity along with unique features such as pressure detection – at lower costs compared to other options.

  • Transmitting photons is the least costly method of information transmission and detection
  • The large number of scan lines provides robustness and redundancy
  • The cost scales linearly based on only the perimeter of the screen, instead of quadratically based on the surface