FlatFrog Transparent Touch Display at Infocomm Connections 2016

A remarkably colorful 55” Interactive transparent display from Volanti Displays powered by FlatFrog’s InGlass™ Technology (InfoComm Connections SJ CA, ’16). Perfect transparency touch that enables multi-touch, pen, glove and pressure.

App of the Week: Infopoint

This week's app is a customizable business application developed on the Snowflake Suite platform by Nuiteq. It's ideal for usage in corporate reception areas for interactive information distribution as well as way finding in public spaces. in this video it runs on the FlatFrog Multitouch 3200.

To know more about FlatFrog, please visit http://www.flatfrog.com.

To get more info and to contact Nuiteq, please visit http://www.nuiteq.com or http://flatfrog.com/companies/nuiteq

App of the Week: Atvis Area

This week's app is the very cool Atvis Area, by Swedish developers Atvis. The app allows you to show future plans of buildings and areas as a virtual 3D model in different layers filled with information. Very useful for architect competitions, planning, indoor guidance or marketing of real-estate.

To know more about FlatFrog, please visit http://www.flatfrog.com.
You can also find more info and contact details to Atvis here: http://flatfrog.com/companies/atvis

Pressure Sensitivity on FlatFrog Multitouch 3200

FlatFrog Multitouch 3200 is now pressure sensitive! The screen can actually detect how hard you press, opening up new ways of interacting with content on the screen. Here's the beta version, running on the FlatFrog Multitouch 3200 with Windows 8.

App of the week: Intuiface Commerce

This week's multi-touch app is Intuiface Commerce. A great-looking retail software platform uniting multi-touch and other sensor-based interactions with real-time integration to the back office, creating memorable yet highly functional in-store shopping experiences. Intuiface Commerce here runs on FlatFrog Multitouch 3200, offering superb multi-touch performance and perfect optical clarity.

To know more about FlatFrog, please visit http://www.flatfrog.com.
You can also find more info and contact details to Intuilab here: http://flatfrog.com/companies/intuilab

FlatFrog Multitouch 3200 DJ Session

With the amazing multi-touch DJ emulator from smithsonmartin.com and Traktor your FlatFrog Multitouch 3200 turns into a professional DJ system. We rocked the house yesterday at Know-it's office opening in Malmö, Sweden. The performance and touch feel in the system was awesome. No lagging and no problem with the intense club lighting. Such a fun night, we can’t wait to perform again!

What did people think about FlatFrog Multitouch 3200 on ISE 2012?

We did a couple of quick interviews with some of the visitors in our booth on ISE 2012, to get their take on our new Multi-touch screen; FlatFrog Multitouch 3200. See what they have to say!

Maverick app on FlatFrog Multitouch 3200

An app from our european distributor Maverick Tech Data. It's running on a FlatFrog Multitouch 3200 Multi-touch screen. Shot on ISE 2012 in Amsterdam. Read more on http://www.flatfrog.com and http://www.tdmaverick.nl

Intuilab software on FlatFrog Multitouch 3200

A great multitouch retail platform from our french friends Intuilab, running on our new product FlatFrog Multitouch 3200. Filmed at ISE 2012 in Amsterdam. See more at http://www.flatfrog.com and http://intuilab.com/