InGlass™ Technology Benefits

Sizes from 15” to more than 110”

InGlass™ technology can be scaled to support anything from 15” to 110”+ displays, covering everything from all-in-one computers to large interactive monitors, tables and whiteboards.

Premium touch experience

InGlass™ technology supports over 40 simultaneous touches with no parallax issues since the touch screen can be placed directly next to the LCD panel - zero airgap ZG.

Excellent Viewing Experience

InGlass™ technology has no sensor grid in front of the LCD screen obstructing the image quality. This ensures a superior viewing experience with maximum transparency and no image quality degradation.

Pressure detection (F-Series)

InGlass™ touch technology natively supports pressure detection with over 1000 levels (F-Series). InGlass™ technology can enable pressure sensitive drawing and writing without the need for an active stylus as well as new application gestures for music, gaming and smart user interfaces.

Insensitive to electronic noise

InGlass™ technology is insensitive to LCD and charger noise, eliminating the need for an additional shielding layer, which adds extra cost.

Pen input

The high accuracy and precision of InGlass™ touch and pen technology allows for passive and active pen input implementations.

Object shape recognition

InGlass™ technology can recreate what is happening on the surface of the screen in minute detail, providing the possibility to recognize objects and shapes to enable for example palm rejection.

InGlass™ Technology Benefits

Windows 8 certified & WIN10 support

InGlass™ technology supports both Windows 8 & WIN10.

Flush and simple integration (F-Series)

InGlass™ technology is designed to support simple and slim integration with a completely flush surface enabling true edge-to-edge industrial designs with no bezel (F-Series).

Low cost and low power

InGlass™ technology is ideal for consumer electronics products with both disruptive price points at high volumes and low power consumption while maintaining high performance and perfect optical clarity.

Designed for rapid product development

FlatFrog's developer framework and open API are developed to facilitate software porting to the multi-touch environment. All platforms are supported, such as Windows, Linux or OS X.

Glass or plastics

InGlass™ technology can operate in both glass and plastic substrates.

Curved surfaces

InGlass™ technology works not only in different materials but also on curved surfaces, making spectacular and futuristic applications possible.

Rugged design

InGlass™ system are developed to perform even in harsh environments. The robust physical characteristics maximize resistance while advanced filtering techniques ensure continued multi-touch performance despite eventual dust, liquids, scratches or reasonable physical disturbances.