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The Pioneers of InGlass™

FlatFrog pioneered InGlass™ technology in large interactive displays. Our embedded technology is used by the world’s leading display manufacturers.

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Precision inking
No charging needed… ever
Unique frictionless writing
No complicated electronics
Elegant ultra-slim ergonomics
Under $10
HIde X-Ray

Tech Specs



Size and Weight

Height: 142mm (5.59 in)
Width: 9.4mm (0.37 in)
Weight: 9g (0.02 pounds)

How it works

Optical emitter/detectors around the periphery of the display create a light fan-grid in front of the screen.

Sampling based on proprietary InGlass™ scanning algorithms allows tiny disturbances, created on the surface by an object, to be immediately detected on the receivers.

Proprietary image reconstruction algorithm determines all touch and pen coordinates in real time leading to a no-lag experience.

+ Supported Products
F6510, F7510, F8410, F6550, F7550, F8650, W6555
C5518QT, C7520QT, C8618QT
InfinityBoard® 55”, 65”, 86”
Flip 55", 65"
PN-L651H, PN-L751H, PN-L851H
IFP6560, IFP7560


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