A Breakthrough for Optical Touch?




Back in 2010, in our subscription newsletter, we reported on an investment in a Swedish company, Flatfrog that had invented a new way of detecting touch.

...At ISE 2015, the company showed that it could support much larger screens than we had seen before and we highlighted the firm as one of the most interesting items from ISE in 2015. We interviewed Nathan Moyal on video at the event.

...At BETT this week, we got confirmation that the inflection point had, indeed, been reached. As well as Avocor and NEC showing displays … they were joined by Smart, Promethean... and Dell, who have all added the technology to the high end of their interactive ranges. That's an impressive list with two of the biggest and highly regarded suppliers in this market and Dell, which is steadily building up a portfolio of larger displays.

The demos that we got were, mostly, extremely good with a range of different stylii.