Convergent Tech Talk: FlatFrog and Partners, Dell Monitors and Newline Interactive



Nathan Moyal (who appeared on The Show Corner – InfoComm Post Show) joins Corey on this podcast to talk with FlatFrog partner companies Dell and Newline, who discuss the following:

  • Their company
  • Differentiation in the market with FlatFrog InGlass technology
  • Partnering and working with FlatFrog
  • Touch interactive technology, collaboration and experience
  • Market segment and end user discussion
  • The future of interaction and how FlatFrog technology enters into the strategy

Listen to the program here - https://convergentav.net/2018/08/02/convergent-tech-talk-episode-13-flatfrog-and-partners-dell-monitors-and-newline-interactive-touch-technology-collaboration-and-the-future-of-interaction/