Newline Interactive Launches The New 4K UHD TRUTOUCH X9 Collaboration Display



In 2017 Newline Interactive is proud to announce that the new TRUTOUCH X9 join the company’s award-winning X Series family of all-in-one collaboration solution. Targeting corporate’s demand, X9’s 4K UHD 86-inch screen works perfect for boardrooms and bigger conferencing room.

All X Series come with two 1080p wide angle cameras, echo canceling microphone, and powerful speakers integrated into the most attractive looking touch display on the market. All X Series displays include an on-board computer, which could be loaded with the OS of user’s choice.

The new X9 is more than a bigger X Series display:

・Superb Touch Experience and Object Recognition

X9 adapts the new touch InGlass technology from FlatFrog that supports object recognition in Whiteboard function. Object recognition is the technology that has the capability to detect what user are using to write on the surface, and it automatically changes the three commonly used tools: pen, marker, and eraser.  X9 distinguish the size of contact area and react differently. By reducing the step of changing pen tools, the operation becomes more smooth and intuitive.

Newline Interactive Launches The New 4K UHD TRUTOUCH X9