New W-5555 Interactive InGlass Touchscreen from Avocor

The Avocor AVW-5555 InGlass touch display is anall-in-one video conferencing for enhanced collaboration and productivity. TheW series measures meeting room data that can be analyzed, in real-time andprovides meeting room utilization analysis. A single Type-C cable solutioncombines an integrated, high-quality conference camera, 40W conference roomaudio and far-field microphone array, optimized for use with UC platforms suchas Microsoft Teams and Zoom. The AVW-5555 also features an OPS slot allowingfor 4k video@60Hz.

Learn more about InGlass products: https://www.flatfrog.com/inglass

Learn more about the AVW-5555: https://www.avocor.com/uk/products/w-series