Configuring FlatFrog Board for Quicklaunch

Configuring FlatFrog Board for Quicklaunch
Follow this guide to get FlatFrog Board running with Quicklaunch
Follow this guide to get FlatFrog Board running with Quicklaunch

To use FlatFrog Board in the meeting room together with Quicklaunch, it is recommended that you setup a new application shortcut on a Quicklaunch “Tile”. This will make sure that users will find the application and that it is setup correctly to work well with the Quicklaunch configuration. Below you will find a How-to guide to configure Quicklaunch correctly.

How to download FlatFrog Board and Quicklaunch

  1. Register and download FlatFrog Board. See this guide.
  2. Download and register Quicklaunch. see guides here
  3. Guide to install Quicklaunch
  4. Download Quicklaunch

How to configure Quicklaunch shortcut to FlatFrog Board

1. Start Quicklaunch

2. Enter design mode by tapping on the "edit" icon in the top right corner.

3. Now tap on the Collaborate "Tile", or the "Tile" where you want to add the FlatFrog Board

4. Now tap on the change action tile.

5. Click on the "+" sign.

6. Now enter the following information:

  • Name: FlatFrog Board
  • Short name: FlatFrog Board
  • Icon background: #FF6DAE81
  • Program path: %WINDIR%\system32\cmd.exe
  • Startup Folder: %USERPROFILE%\Pictures\FlatFrog Board
  • Arguments: /C start flatfrog.whiteboard:dashboard=ql
  • Process name: cmd
  • Icon data:undefined

Click here for full size icon

7. Finally enter a new rule by tapping the small "+" icon under Display rules.

Window lookup = Option: Title contains, Value: FlatFrog Board

Change state = Option: Enabled, Value: Maximized

Change Z-order = Option: Enabled, Value: Top

8. Tap OK and exit Design mode.

Quicklaunch support was introduced in Board version 1.2.4 and do not work with previous versions. FlatFrog Whiteboard is a different application and does not support Quicklaunch.

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