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Use Cases

Use one of our Kanban Board templates or one of your existing team templates. Visually engage your team during daily stand-up, and easily document weekly progress. Engage with meeting room and remote participants in real time.  

FlatFrog Board makes it easy to organize and prioritize team tasks. You can quickly create a backlog by moving work to another page for later use. Remote users efficiently highlight items on the board using our ping feature. 

Visualize which activities the team is doing well, which activities should be continued, and what to improve to make the next Sprint more productive. With the My Items tool, teammates can prepare their notes beforehand and add them to the whiteboard when the time is right.  

The FlatFrog Board InGlass™ writing experience is unparalleled in the meeting room. Writing and drawing feels as natural as putting pen to paper. Move objects with your finger and use your palm or back of the pen to erase.

Don’t get lost in infinite canvases. FlatFrog Board uses a multi-page system so that everyone knows exactly where to work. Groups can collaborate on separate pages or together on a single page.

Sprint Planning

FlatFrog Board makes it easy to visualize and prioritize team tasks on a digital whiteboard. You can quickly create a backlog by moving work to another page for later use. And remote users can highlight items efficiently on the whiteboard using our highlighter-pointer feature. 

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