InGlass™ Touch – The Better Alternative to P-Cap and IR Touch

Complete 15–110”

The only company with a complete,
perfect-clarity, no bezel multi-touch solution.

23", 42", 55" and 65" touch modules now available.

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Visual Clarity

InGlass™ Touch has no sensor grid disturbing
the visual clarity. This results in far superior transparency,
as high as 99%. The system is also capable of
detecting up to 80 simultaneous touches. 

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Stylus, Gloves
and Palm Rejection

InGlass™ Touch detects passive stylus, can reject large objects, and works with gloves. 

These are features that competing P-Cap touch can't match.  

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Flush, Tablet-like

InGlass Touch works within the glass rather than on top of it,
allowing a sleek, edge-to-edge, bezel-free design.

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Pressure Sensitive 

Only InGlass™ Touch can sense more than 1000 levels of pressure, enabling multi-touch pressure gestures and applications.

This isn't possible with competing P-Cap or IR touch. 

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Curved Glass

InGlass™ Touch allows curved and bent touch screens with
perfect visual clarity and multi-touch functionality. 

This isn't possible with competing IR touch. 

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Medium 15-28"

AIO PC and Monitors, Gaming, KIOSK, ATM (Windows 8.1 certified)
Modules: 23", 27", Custom
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Large 32-65"

Digital Signage, Medical, Gaming, Education, Industrial, Large Displays
Modules: 32" Monitor, 42", 55", 65", Custom
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XL 70-110"

Video Wall, Conferencing, Digital Signage, Education
Modules: 78", 84", 100", Custom
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