FlatFrog Laboratories General Privacy Policy

Last update: 2020-03-20

1.    About FlatFrog

FlatFrog Laboratories AB (“FlatFrog”) is a research & development company with patented collaboration technology. FlatFrog pioneered InGlass™ technology in large interactive displays and FlatFrog’s technology is today embedded in the world’s leading meeting room solutions.

FlatFrog process personal data when conducting online (e.g. website) and offline (e.g. industry conferences) business activities.

In this privacy notice, we describe our data processing activities so that you, as an individual, safely can review and understand how your personal data in processed by us. If you have additional questions, you can reach out to us via e-mail to privacy@flatfrog.com.

We ask for and process personal data only when we need it for business purposes including to provide you with marketing information and establish contact in a customer engagement process.

2.     What data we collect and process  

The exact type of data we collect depends on the related product or service. Setting your privacy settings on our website, signing up for a newsletter, downloading marketing materials, or using any of our products and services all require you to leave appropriate details, specific to that purpose. We never collect more data than we need and may ask for additional data at the appropriate time.

The primary personal data we collect may include (depending on our relationship):

  • Name,
  • Title,
  • Contact details,
  • Account credentials, or
  • Location related information

3.     How we collect and use data

To be transparent and clear, below have we exemplified how our data processing activities are set up. The information below is not exhaustive and may be updated in accordance with new legislation, or because further clarification is needed based on a new products or service, or new processing activities.

3.1.        On our website

When browsing our website, we automatically collect data by placing cookies and trusted tracking technologies on your browser. The information we collect helps us maintain and improve our website and business. It usually includes your IP address, browser type, the pages you’ve visited and in what order, and whether you’re a new or recurring visitor.

We use this data to ensure that the website works correctly and store any preferences you may have. It also helps us show relevant advertisements, generate and review data, and generate reports on our website user base and usage patterns.  

When you fill out a web form on our website, when you submit a request (e.g. for technical support), send us an email, or subscribe to our newsletter, we hold the right to use the data you provide for the purpose set forth by the interaction point in question.

When you sign up for our products or services on our website, we ask for some personal data like your email address, company, name, and the content of your inquiries. The particular fields to fill in may differ per form, we’ll never ask you for irrelevant information, and we only use the data for the purpose you submitted it for.

If you’re already a customer, we may use the data collected from your customer account. That gives us relevant insight into how you’re using our products and services, what your business needs are, past support issues, and so on. Pulling this information allows us to tailor our assistance, product offers and provide the best possible assistance support via our support, tech and sales teams.


3.2.        In an offline environment

We often interact with users, customers or other stakeholders around the world in an offline setting, such as at an industry fair or a technology conference. In these situations, we may collect personal data to support our sales processes. This data will be used by us for enabling contact with existing and potential customers for the purpose of creating business opportunities.


4.    Why we collect personal data

All the personal data we process is lawfully obtained and with a legal basis.

The purpose of the information we collect is so we can continue to conduct and expand our day-to-day business and enable you to use our products and services. Personal data can also help us to improve our products to fit the needs of our customers.

Here is a list of our primary purposes for which we process personal data:

  • Reaching and fulfilling customer agreements (e.g. ongoing customer contact, delivery of product or service to you/your business facilities),
  • Industry collaboration and partaking in our technology community,
  • Sharing relevant information about yours and our business, products and services within our company (e.g. business intelligence),
  • Sales and marketing activities (including newsletters)
  • Analyzing usage of our products and services (including our online interfaces),
  • Detecting fraudulent or unlawful activity and complying with applicable laws and regulations.

5.     Legal bases

We process personal data based on a limited set of legal bases:

  1. explicit consent (e.g. ticking a box on our website when you want to download product information),
  2. signing a contract to receive a FlatFrog product or service,
  3. a legitimate interest (e.g. web analytics or direct marketing when there is an existing relationship), or
  4. we have a legal obligation to do so(such as storing financial billing data for the time period required).

For consent-based processing and for processing based on our legitimate interest, you are entitled to opt-out, which you do by contacting us at privacy@flatfrog.com. Please label the e-mail “Right to be forgotten”.


6.    International transfer of data (outside EEA area)

As a global enterprise our usage of the internet almost always involves the international transmission of personal data, both within and outside the EEA. We always ensure to uphold adequate safety measures for your data, e.g. by using the EU Standard Contractual Clauses.


7.    Cookie Notice

We place small data files, called cookies,or similar technologies on your browser. A cookie is a small text file saved on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website.

The duration of a cookie varies: session cookies disappear from your computer or browser when you close your browser, while persistent cookies are stored even after you’ve closed the page. With the exception of strictly necessary cookies, cookies will only be placed on your device and/or browser after you confirm or update your preferences through the cookie banner. If you decide to not allow opt-in cookies on this site, the site may not function as designed. For example, you may face issues logging in or retaining set preferences, such as the language the website displays.

Manage cookies from your browser: Find out more on how to update, activate, deactivate or remove cookies using your browser by visiting the settings of your choice of web browser.


8.    Retention of personal data

How long we keep personal data depends on its nature and the purpose for which it was obtained. In general, customer related data is retained for the period of our commercial relationship.

Additionally, we are under an obligation to demonstrate compliance with the applicable national and EU financial and tax laws and regulations. To do so, Customer data related to the account such as name, email address, (company) address, (company) bank details and position within the company will be kept for as long as we are obligated to according to law, currently 7-10 years, depending on jurisdiction.


9.    Your rights and choices

Even though we collect your data to conduct business, your data stays your own.

You can at any time:

  • Change your cookie settings. When you visit our website for the first time, you can either allow us to place all the cookies we use on your browser, decide to accept specific ones or deny all our cookies. You can always change your preferences both in your browser settings and in the cookie settings on our website.
  • Withdraw consent to our consent-based data processing. If for whatever reason you no longer want us to use your personal data, you’re free to change your mind. We will comply with your request, unless we’re legally required to keep your data.
  • Control and review your data. If you want to edit your information or get a copy of your personal data you can send this request to privacy@flatfrog.com, our support staff, or via written request addressed to our headquarters in Lund, address found at the end of this policy. We’ll process your request as soon as possible with a maximum of one month after receiving it. If a request is complicated or we get too many requests to process at a given time period, our response time can be increased by two months. You’ll be informed when such an extension period applies.
  • Object to and restrict the processing of data. When your personal data is being processed to fulfill a legitimate interest to us, such as marketing, you’re able to object. You can always exercise your right to restrict processing, and we’ll make sure to process your data in the way you specify. We will assess each request on a case-by-case basis according to the rules set out by the GDPR. If we override your request, we need to demonstrate that we have compelling grounds to do so, or that there’s a legal claim which allows us to retain personal data. If you don’t agree with how we’ve handled your request, you can file a complaint with the Supervisory Authority of Sweden, the authority related to the Member State you live or work in, or the country in which the suspected infringement has taken place.

10.  Government Requests

We won’t share your information with third parties without your permission, except when we’re required to by law or court order.


11.  Children

Our services and products are not directed to children under the age of 18. We never knowingly collect and/or process any personal data from children under this age directly. If we discover we’ve received personal data from a child without parental or legal consent, we will immediately take reasonable steps to delete that information as quickly as possible. If you believe we have any information from or about a child, please contact us at privacy@flatfrog.com with the subject: ‘Children’.


12.  Links, third party websites and social networking sites

Our online presence and communications may embed hyperlinks to websites that are not owned or controlled by us. We’re not responsible for the privacy practices, policies, notices or content that are not on our website or domain, even if we’ve embedded a link to them. We encourage you to read and understand the privacy practices, policies, notices,and content of any linked sites that you visit.


13.  Changes in our Privacy Statement

This statement might be subject to changes. We reserve the right to change, update, modify, or remove any part of this Privacy Statement at any time. If any modifications substantially affect your rights under this statement, we will send you an email where possible. You can always decide to continue to use our services or not in accordance with the new terms.


14.   Contact information  

Data Processor credentials:

FlatFrog Laboratories AB,
Company registration number 556733-5491
Scheelevägen 15
22363, Lund

E-mail: privacy@flatfrog.com

If you have any questions left regarding the processing of your personal data when you use our website and services or have any feedback or suggestions to make this policy better, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you’re not satisfied with our data processing activities, you may refer your complaint to the relevant supervisory authority in your jurisdiction.

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