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About FlatFrog™

As the industry leader in interactive meeting solutions, with high-performance patented InGlass™ touch technology and digital whiteboards, we create innovative hybrid and virtual workroom solutions that enrich how we all work together.

FlatFrog™ has grown to be one of the world's top interactive solution companies in the modern meeting room.

Our headquarters are in Lund, Sweden, with offices in the US, Taiwan, Korea and China.

Our customers include Samsung, Dell, Google, Sharp-NEC, Panasonic and more.


Corporate Interactive
Display Vendor


Revenue Growth
Since 2016


Tier 1


Patents and Over
400 Fillings

What we do?

We believe collaboration is an essential part of how people work better. We bring people together by inventing collaborative solutions that allow remote and local participants to work as though all in the same room.

InGlass Touch Sensor technology for touchscreen whiteboard

InGlass Touch Sensors

We made the highest resolution touchscreen
technology in the market.

Whiteboard collaboration large screen display

Collaborative Whiteboard

We are facilitating a physical-like
whiteboard experience.

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See what it is like to be working with top innovators.
And yes, we do have fun!

How did we start?

In 2011, we patented the PSD touch technology and built the world's best 32'' screen on the market. However, Microsoft was still WIN7 and no proper multi-touch OS was available. Since then, the OS improved and the interactive display market in the meeting room exploded as we continued to make the world's best interactive displays. It has been our unwavering commitment to continue providing uncompromising multitouch performance for our customers.

FlatFrog Whiteboard First Prototype Sketch
The Idea
FlatFrog Whiteboard First prototype display model
Our First Product

Innovation is in our DNA

We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience. With the focus on our clients, we're always looking for ways to improve and innovate with cutting-edge solutions that are just right.

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Team members collaborating

At FlatFrog™, we are entrepreneurial and thrive in an environment of open debate, sharing information with one another while trying new ideas because at FlatFrog™ we believe you should always compete with your best self.

We expect excellence!

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