Promethean Enters into a Patent License Agreement with FlatFrog™ Laboratories AB

April 9, 2022 - FlatFrog and Promethean announce today that they have entered
into a mutually agreeable settlement and patent license agreement.

FlatFrog™ Intellectual Property

- FlatFrog™ has over 90 granted patents and more than 100 pending patent families.

- Protection for the differentiated features that FlatFrog™'s customers expect.

The following FlatFrog™ products and FlatFrog™ licensee products are protected by patents in the United States and elsewhere. This website is provided to satisfy the virtual patent marking provisions of various jurisdictions including Section 16 of the America Invents Act.

FlatFrog™ products for use under US Patents 9,710,101, 8,686,974, 9,158,401, 9,626,040, 9,547,393, 9,588,619, 9,442,574, 8,890,849, 9,626,018, 9,996,196, 10,001,881, 10,013,107, 10,019,113, 10,031,623, 10,048,773, 10,168,835, 10,606,416, 10,496,227, 10,481,737, 10,474,249, 10,437,389, 10,372,265, 10,318,041, 10,739,916, 10,761,657, 10,775,935, 10,775,937, 10,963,104, 11,106,312, 11,099,688, 11,029,783, 11,016,605, 11,175,756, 11,182,023, 11,256,371, 11,269,460, 11,281,335, 11,281,338, 11,301,089, 11,474,644, 11,494,035, 11,579,731, 11,579,732 and foreign counterparts.


FLATFROG, the FLATFROG logo, INGLASS, MAGIC INK, and THE FUTURE AT YOUR FINGERTIPS are trademarks of FlatFrog Laboratories AB registered in the United States and other regions.

TEAMTABLET is a registered trademark of FlatFrog Laboratories AB registered in the EU and the UK.

About FlatFrog
Flatfrog™ manufactures parts and components of touch screen displays and other devices to the order and specification of its customers.  Flatfrog™ also conducts research, development and designing respect of touch screen displays and other devices for its customers.   FlatFrog™ is trusted by the world’s leading interactive display manufacturers to make high-quality components for touch screen displays.  Flatfrog™ has forged partnerships over years to produce high-quality products and best-in-class innovations for its customers.   FlatFrog™’s digital whiteboard software is perfect for large, interactive displays across meeting rooms of all sizes. FlatFrog™ has worked with its software partners to design and develop the best solutions for touch screen technology.

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