The Collaborative Whiteboard for large touch displays

FlatFrog Board makes hybrid work easy and equally productive for everyone, wherever you are located
FlatFrog Whiteboard for Rooms

And for your personal device

Your remote colleagues can join the meeting room from the laptop, tablet or smartphone using FlatFrog Board Personal, our online whiteboard that runs in your browser.
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Upgrade your meeting room with a digital whiteboard companion

The digital whiteboard companion consists of a Inglass™ touch display,
a WindowsPC and the Flatfrog Board for Rooms software.
It works with any video conference solution and is easy to integrate.

How to setup the meeting room

FlatFrog Board integrates with

Microsoft Teams
Google Meet

Optimized for Teams and Compatible with Zoom, WebEx, Meet

Walk up and use

The FlatFrog Board whiteboard is always available. Just walk up and start using it. Grab a pen and start inking.

Same ease of use as a traditional whiteboard.

In the meeting room

FlatFrog Board for Rooms is easy to use and feels and behaves just like an traditional whiteboard.

Install the software on a large touch display with FlatFrog's InGlass™ touch technology and feel the natural writing experience.

Access FlatFrog Board on the web from your laptop

For your personal device

Your remote colleagues can join the meeting room from the laptop, tablet or smartphone using FlatFrog Board personal. Try it out today by signing up for free.

With Microsoft Teams

Add our Microsoft Teams app to your Outlook invitations and let all meeting participants join the board.

Why FlatFrog Board?

Ease of use
- ink with pen, erase with finger, hand or block eraser

Natural writing on large InGlass™ touch displays
- low latency inking with passive pens

Fixed canvas
- everyone sees the same thing, in room and remote

Modern workflow

Use it before, during and after a meeting
- guests can join, user accounts are free

Open in room
- bring premade content easily to a meeting room display from your laptop or mobile

Save notes
- Ad-hoc notes are easy to save by scanning QR-code
- Sharded boards are saved automatically

This is how it works

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Wainhouse Research Report

"FlatFrog’s avowed goal is to 'make it easy to create a fast framework for getting a more structured meeting.' The product indeed succeeds in this manner."

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Security Overview

Read about how we keep your data confidential and secure.

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Airgapped version

Do you need extra security for your meetings? We can provide an airgapped version of Flatfrog™ Board for Rooms, made for offline usage.

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