Flatfrog demonstrating the 100" Video Wall

FlatFrog demonstrating the 42" platform

FlatFrog now launches touch screens in up to 110” sizes. Check out the video to see a preview of the 42” touchscreen.

FlatFrog demonstrating the AIO PC platform

FlatFrog Touch enabling pressure sensitivity in Microsoft Fresh Paint for Windows 8.1 - high resolution touch, perfect optical clarity, unique pressure detection, 1024 levels of pressure, finger, stylus and real brush supported.

Pressure Detection by FlatFrog

Swedish multi-touch pioneer FlatFrog's officially announced today that their Planar Scatter Detection technology (PSD) is further developed to detect pressure. It’s the first multi-touch display technology to offer pressure detection, which can be used in a number of ways to help users better interact with content in multi-touch interfaces. Meet FlatFrog at ISE 2013 in Amsterdam, 29th-31st of January to test pressure detection in real life. Read the full press release here: http://flatfrog.com/news/47

App of the Week: Touch Creator

Imagine how much more interactive stores and other locations can be with a multi-touch system. Now imagine creating this yourself – without mastering a programming language, just drag-and-drop and a few settings. Now you can. On a Mac – with Touch Creator from innovative German multi-touch solution company ~sedna.

Find out more on http://flatfrog.com/companies/sedna or visit http://www.sedna-touch.com/touch_creator/

App of the Week: YachtEye

The app of the week is the exclusive YachtEye, from Oculus Technologies. YachtEye visualizes private superyachts at their real-time position in 3D. Guests and owners can intuitively browse their route and check the weather conditions, today’s program and the surrounding yachts. It even keeps track of the owner's helicopters or private jets. Find out more on http://www.yachteye.com/.