FlatFrog demonstrating the 78" curved touchscreen

FlatFrog demonstrating the 42" platform

FlatFrog now launches touch screens in up to 110” sizes. Check out the video to see a preview of the 42” touchscreen.

FlatFrog demonstrating the AIO PC platform

FlatFrog Touch enabling pressure sensitivity in Microsoft Fresh Paint for Windows 8.1 - high resolution touch, perfect optical clarity, unique pressure detection, 1024 levels of pressure, finger, stylus and real brush supported.

FlatFrog at ISE 2013, third day

Last day at ISE 2013 in Amsterdam. In this video we demo Touchtech Files, a great solution for boardrooms, meetings and presentations. Or anywhere you want to present, share and discuss content. Can also be connected to Crestron's products, to intuitively command visual and audio.

FlatFrog at ISE 2013, second day

Here we are again at ISE 2013 in Blinkblink's stand 9-C102, showing a cool dual screen application from ~sedna that allows you to flick content from one screen to another. Nice! For more updates from ISE 2013, follow us on https://twitter.com/FlatFrogAB.

FlatFrog at ISE 2013, first day

We're at ISE 2013 again this year, showing our new pressure detection feature and lots of exciting apps from our partners. Here's a little taste of what went on the first day in booth 4-S82. For the latest from ISE 2013, follow us on https://twitter.com/FlatFrogAB

Pressure Detection by FlatFrog

Swedish multi-touch pioneer FlatFrog's officially announced today that their Planar Scatter Detection technology (PSD) is further developed to detect pressure. It’s the first multi-touch display technology to offer pressure detection, which can be used in a number of ways to help users better interact with content in multi-touch interfaces. Meet FlatFrog at ISE 2013 in Amsterdam, 29th-31st of January to test pressure detection in real life. Read the full press release here: http://flatfrog.com/news/47