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TeamTablet Flex is an easy-to-install appliance that upgrades compatible 55” – 86” interactive displays to TeamTablets enabling any video meeting, wireless screen sharing, built in whiteboarding and third-party apps.

TeamTablet Flex starts shipping 15/4

FlatFrog at ISE 2024

Flexible solution that combines

Video meeting

Fully compliant with existing Teams Rooms, Zoom Rooms, Meet, Webex or any other video conference AV appliance bars or share your meeting via wireless screen sharing.

Control your meeting directly from the touch display. Use in full screen or show it with the whiteboard for creative brainstorming.

Install as a single display with a AV appliance bar or as a companion interactive display to an existing video room.

Interactive presentation using wireless screenshare

Wirelessly screen share your power point using your laptop in the meeting room.

Annotate with pen on your touch display, with no latency digital ink-back.

With up to 40 simultaneous touch points this performance is unmatched in the industry.

Built-in whiteboard

For ad-hoc whiteboarding users can use the built-in FlatFrog Board. This is easy as using a traditional whiteboard and purposefully built for everyone to use.

Invite remote colleagues to brainstorm your ideas.

If you prefer to use Miro, Figjam or other digital whiteboards you have the flexibility to do that.

Third-party software

Use any third-party application on a large touchscreen just as you would on a tablet.

Whether your team uses PDF, Microsoft Office, Jira, Autodesk, or brainstorming tools, it is now possible to interact with these applications using pen and touch on a large touchscreen just like your own personal tablet.

Why Flex?

Why Flex?

Flex is a purposefully built solution for interactive displays that extends collaboration beyond video and audio calls:

  • Effortlessly switch between video meeting, whiteboarding, screen sharing, and third-party apps
  • Naturally interact using pen to annotate your presentations or use third-party apps
  • Walk-up and easy to use whiteboard
  • No hassle of downloading apps or signing into the network for guests
  • Device admin for IT and security built-in

Meeting Room Configurations

Single setup

Connect your Room video system like Microsoft Teams Room or Zoom rooms or other video conferencing systems.

Works with any Room video system supporting touch back including Poly, Logitech & Yealink.

Companion setup

TeamTablet™ can be added to any meeting room setup as a companion display, offering spontaneus whiteboarding that can be shared to the meeting particpants for collaboration. 

Flex your meetings, protect your investment, and save the environment!

Want to buy Flex?

Flex your meeting now for only $ 1495*

*3 years warranty, no additional subscriptions.


Available starting 15/4

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