There is now a better whiteboard option for collaborative meetings

With FlatFrog™ Board, hybrid teams can effortlessly whiteboard from anywhere as though in the same room.

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Promethean Enters into Patent License Agreement with FlatFrog™ Laboratories AB

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Collaborate effectively between the home and office

Whether at home on your laptop or in the office meeting room, hybrid teams can participates on the whiteboard as though they are in the same room.

Free Online Whiteboard for your laptop


Use your laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Supports keyboard and touch.
Launch Whiteboard on browser

FlatFrog Whiteboard application for your meeting rooms


Use with InGlass™ touch display. This is as easy as your dry erase board.
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Use FlatFrog™ Board with Microsoft Teams

FlatFrog Whiteboard can be integrated with Microsoft Teams Meetings

Meetings Integration

FlatFrog Whiteboard can be integrated with Microsoft Teams Calendar.

Calendar Integration

FlatFrog Whiteboard can be integrated with Microsoft Teams Channel

 Channel Integration

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FlatFrog™ Board transforms your hybrid meeting

Whether Whiteboarding, Kanban, Workshop or anything in between, get your team set-up quickly and collaborate in-room or across remote sites with our free online whiteboard.

Visualize with ease

Create team clarity from a shared visual space. Incorporate your own templates or use the built-in templates like Kanban, Retrospectives, SWOT, and others. All easy to use, just like you are using your dry-erase whiteboard.
Built-in  Workflow Whiteboard  Templates
With Free Online Whiteboard, Access Your Projects From Anywhere

Everyone's ideas are captured

Whether you are in the meeting room or remote, you can collaborate on the same board. Your whiteboard projects can be instantly accessed by team members.

Team can create a joint action plan

Use our digital whiteboard to ideate customer journey, track your sales funnel, review engineering designs, resource planning and much more. It helps you to work together to create a shared purpose and common plan.
Use Digital Whiteboard To Ideate, Review, Track, And More

Leading brands using FlatFrog™ Board

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Why is hybrid work the new normal?

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