Replaces many unsecured analog whiteboards

Axis Communications is a global company offering a wide range of network video surveillance, access control, audio solutions and training options. Axis Communication has been recognized by industry analyst IHS Research as the global market leader in the network camera and video encoder markets. Headquartered in Sweden, Axis maintains 3,646employees across 50 countries (Axis video).

Many project meetings at Axis were routinely held on a dry-erase board. During the duration of ongoing projects, a whiteboard would be reserved for each critical project. Because many projects run in parallel, this created a logistical problem of maintaining and storing many analog boards. Content was also problematic, with sticky notes falling off and drawings inadvertently erased.

Worse yet, the content of each board was not secured. Some dry-erase whiteboards could be locked in a room, but that meant the room became unusable for other teams. The Axis team actively sought an improvement in their workflow.

Sticky Notes on Dry Erase Board
Sticky notes on dry erase board

By adopting an InGlass™ display with FlatFrog Board, the team created an effective transformation in their project workflow. Projects are now captured on a digital interactive whiteboard. This means that digital sticky notes and image attachments never become lost, and drawings cannot be physically erased. Removed content is easily recoverable. With the free online whiteboard application, all projects are captured on a single display, eliminating the need for teams to maintain multiple analog boards in each meeting room. Finally, information remains digitally secure. When the team leaves the room, the digital content leaves the room with them.    

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