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Backer is a 10,000-employee company headquartered in Sweden. Backer specializes in providing heating equipment for Automotive, Energy, Railway, Medical and Industrial applications. With 70 years of experience, they incorporate complete heating solutions into existing and emerging industries around the world (Backer video).  

A key to Backer excellence relates to how they run projects. Prior to COVID, having everyone in the room looking at the same content was essential in understanding the issues and aligning on the execution. Once COVID impact became evident, the team was unable to gather in the meeting room and therefore had to rethink the collaborative environment. Some team members were working in the office, while others performed their jobs remotely. The Backer team quickly appreciated that they needed to digitize the workflow.

Dry Erase Whiteboard

To get a natural pen-on-paper writing experience, Backer adopted InGlass™ touch technology. They also realized that with the FlatFrog Board whiteboard application, they can create and manage project templates. These whiteboard templates are customizable for the company’s particular needs. And with remote collaboration built into the free online whiteboard, participants can join and contribute to the meeting from anywhere.        

One to two people in an office room now manage project review meetings. The host begins the project review on an InGlass™ display using the FlatFrog Board whiteboard application. Remote participants join the session using Teams or Zoom. And with the FlatFrog whiteboard application, everyone is looking at the same content and can edit the board at the same time.

Though most participants join from remote locations, the team is now working more efficiently. And once the session is over, the team easily saves and shares files. There is no need for a dedicated analog board in a meeting room. Instead, the project status remains digitally current and available at all times.    

See an example for Scrum Storybook whiteboarding on an InGlass™ Display.

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