The City of Seattle, a seaport city on the West Coast of the United States, is home to more than 700,000 people (video). It oversees all necessary aspects of operating a large city, such as the Police Department, Planning and Community, Transportation, and Parks and Recreation.      

The city needed a visual tool with intuitive usability. Since first-time users conduct many of the city’s meetings and presentations, there is little time to receive training on a complicated meeting-room device. Therefore, a digital meeting-room display with an instinctive walk-up-and-use capability became a necessity.

The City of Seattle subsequently adopted InGlass™ Avocor displays in their meeting rooms. To provide that instant whiteboarding experience for new users, the IT department added the FlatFrog Board. The InGlass™ writing capabilities allow all users to write naturally on the board as though they were writing on a common dry-erase wall. The digital InGlass™ pens feel just like a regular pencil, so there is no special training involved.

The InGlass™ components do not require charging, making them ideal for common office spaces. The FlatFrog Board mimics an analog whiteboard, allowing untrained users to intuitively write or add digital sticky notes. Multiple users can add content at the same time, just as they would on a dry-erase wall. Ideas articulated during the meeting are easily captured, saved and improved with digital technology.

Because InGlass™ ease-of-use, combined with the FlatFrog Board, requires no special training, it becomes the natural choice for a busy meeting room.

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