Technion University, a renowned institute of technology, recently hosted a lecture by FlatFrog customer Gigalogchip. The Israeli IC consulting company is an expert in innovative, high-performance chip design fordevices in the medical, industrial, automotive, communications and military fields.


To meet the challenge of teaching electronics in a university setting amidst COVID limitations, Gigalogchip needed an unconventional approach. Even with remote “classroom” spaces such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams,a productive exploration of chip design required much more than standard PowerPoint tools. Interactivity between students and lecturers was crucial to understanding and implementing concepts being presented at the Technion lecture.

Online Whiteboard for Teaching

Gigalogchip found the solution with FlatFrog’s digital collaborative whiteboards. Lecturers were able to add or remove various components of system drawings during the presentation, and students could contribute questions, answers and annotations in real time from any physical location.


Using the FlatFrog digital whiteboard, instructors in any education environment can present on large, visually superior classroom displays. Students easily join the interactive experience either onsite or remotely via laptops or home computers. Equal engagement translates into highly effective learning, while avant-garde technology sparks new ideas anden courages student enthusiasm.

Hybrid Whiteboard for Teaching

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