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Fire Departments are trained to handle all-hazards emergency responses. These functions of the Department include fire suppression, emergency medical response, hazardous materials response, fire prevention and more.  

In Sweden, the Fire Department required a project planning tool that is visual and easy to use. In many of these projects, content importation and annotation are critical. For instance, a map helps visualize the area of operation, facilitating the assignment of resources to regions with a specific task. Because projects are always evolving, annotating repeatedly on the same paper map makes it unreadable. The Department needed a digital whiteboard that would allow image capture and frequent editing to reflect changing dynamics.

Fire Department Flip Chart
Preparing for a fire drill

To meet this increasing need, the Fire Department installed an InGlass™ display with FlatFrog Board whiteboard application. Importing content such as Google Maps into the whiteboard is now effortless. Users import maps as images by using the copy-paste commands. They can then add resources with text or as images. And with InGlass™ interactive technology, annotation and repositioning of digital resources become intuitive whether in the meeting room on a large interactive InGlass display or on the laptop using the free online whiteboard.

Fire drill planning with FlatFrog Board

The pencil-like InGlass™ pen enables writing in the same way as on an analog whiteboard. A simple finger-press on the board selects resources and enables dragging them around the map. Using FlatFrog whiteboard application, team members easily edit content, allowing instant project revision. With multiple digital projects now available on a single InGlass interactive display, the team has adopted the InGlass platform across multiple projects.

In this video, learn more about FlatFrog Board.

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