Collaborate from anywhere

Office is a leading-edge fashion footwear specialist providing style-conscious customers with innovative shoes to suit every occasion. Their headquarters lie in London, with stores in the USA and Europe.

To effectively expand global operations outside the UK, the Office team stays mindful of the planning for each store’s layout. An individual store may have its own unique location and space. Yet, the expert team at Office takes an active role in optimizing the space to represent the brand in a consistent manner. They came to realize the need for a visual planning tool that allows headquarters to communicate and collaborate efficiently with remote stores.

The team chose to implement an InGlass™ display with FlatFrog Board whiteboard application. This allows them to display the blueprint layout for each store. With built-in annotation, the team can now visualize and improve each design. And with remote collaboration, regional stores join the same session, participating in the planning phase in real time. With the new transformational tools in place, local and remote teams jointly visualize and improve store designs.

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