The interactive whiteboard technology is seamless, with no training required for new users

SEFCOR has been designing connector solutions since 1971. Located in Griffin, Georgia, they offer welded, bolted and compression fittings with more than 20,000 standard and special designs. SEFCOR advanced capabilities include general technical information, installation instructions, drawings and/or 3D models (video).

SEFCOR’s design team required a tool for importing design blueprints and immediately annotating improvements on the design. They also needed to add design notes and images. Annotating on paper blueprints did not allow for design flexibility, and sticky notes would simply fall off. The team fulfilled their vision by designing a large digital whiteboard to meet design needs while also being intuitive and easy to learn.


The SEFCOR team adopted an 86-inch InGlass™ from Dell. The Dell display came with a digital whiteboard from FlatFrog, which the team embraced. With no training necessary, new users discovered they could pick up the InGlass™ pen and start marking on existing drawings. Blueprints are now easily imported to the FlatFrog whiteboard, and adding text and digital sticky notes is simple. Changes transform the content in real time while keeping the whiteboard content digitally secure. Digitizing the workflow has proven to be a big win for the team in the meeting or working remotely using the free online whiteboard.  

Learn more about FlatFrog Board – and Dell 86-inch InGlass™.

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