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GOW School
GOW School

The GOW School is a coed college-prep boarding and day school in New York serving students in grades 6-12 who struggle with dyslexia and similar language-based learning disabilities. To best serve their students, the GOW School has developed a unique curriculum that draws from an experienced teaching staff while focusing on a small class size of four to six students. The program relies on a group setting combined with one-on-one support to provide a tailored learning experience for each student.  

A visual tool such as whiteboarding is an important teaching tool that the GOW School utilizes on a regular basis. To improve the teaching and learning experience, the school’s IT department begun to search for new digital tools. The IT department concluded that for teachers to accept a new tool, it must be as intuitive as their existing analog tools while providing clear benefits over the existing way of teaching. Their research suggested an InGlass™ based display with an online whiteboard, and they subsequently ordered a 75-inchDell display.  

The Dell InGlass™ display was easy to install, so the team quickly had it up and working. Teachers soon realized that everything they can do on a dry-erase board is easily replicated on an interactive display using the FlatFrog Board online whiteboard application. They also realized that every digital lesson can now be saved, reused, and improved. For example, the teachers are no longer required to spend time re-writing the same lesson on the whiteboard. Instead, they simply import existing whiteboard lesson content in seconds, which allows them to spend the class time more effectively. And for the students, the transition is just as smooth. For them, the interactive display is like a giant iPad with a digital whiteboard that makes learning fun and effective. And with the free online whiteboard, teachers and students can share and view files from the classroom or the laptop.

Learn more about the Dell 75-inch InGlass™ display below.

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