Axis Communications

Replace many unsecured analog boards with a single secured digital Board
At Axis, many projects are handled at once. Prior to the digital transformation, the team utilized a room full of whiteboards and sticky notes. In addition to exhibiting unsecured information for all to see, the meeting room quickly ran out of space. FlatFrog™ Board enabled the team to replace many unsecured whiteboards with a single secured display. And, when you leave the room, confidential content leaves with you.
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Remote users are engaged
Planning a store space is a complicated task that requires whiteboarding where print images are imported and then they are annotated and improved. Furthermore, it requires that headquarters coordinate with remote stores around the country. FlatFrog™ Board transformation provides the tool to effortlessly bring images and improve. With the FlatFrog™ Board, headquarter and remote stores are improving content together real-time.


Improved design iteration
The Volvo team has transformed the design process with FlatFrog’s InGlass™ display. Unlimited design ideas are captured digitally on the FlatFrog™ Board. From improving existing designs to creating and importing new designs, the interactive technology is helping Volvo iterate and improve on design concepts digitally.
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City of Seattle

New users quickly get started
The city of Seattle is bringing a natural whiteboard experience to the modern board room. Visitors do not have time for training. They require an immediate tool that is intuitive and natural to use. The FlatFrog™ Board enables new users to capture their ideas naturally, just like they would on a dry-erase board, but on a digital display. Ideas are saved for later edits and they are shared electronically with others.

Major Fire Department in Sweden

Keeping projects current
FlatFrog™ Board is used in the staff room to plan and direct large-scale fire-drill operations. Each project is mapped and reviewed regularly. FlatFrog™ Board intuitive usability enables new users to interact with existing projects with little to no training. And updating the project details is done completely digitally
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Better ad-hoc meetings
Atlas Workbase is an innovative co-working workspace. Atlas has adopted InGlass™ interactive displays in its open workspace. The interactive display combined with FlatFrog™ Board has proven to be a hit for ad-hoc meetings.

Big Names. Big Goals

FlatFrog™ is the market leader in providing digital whiteboards and patented InGlass™ displays to innovative companies. Our easy-to-use digital whiteboards transform the meeting room experience and empower teams to collaborate and become more productive.

IT Professionals trust FlatFrog for high quality, open-platform digital whiteboards that plug-and-play with their existing meeting room technology stack.

Empowering companies around the world

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