FlatFrog™ Board offline version

Air Gap security for meeting rooms


FlatFrog Board Air Gap

Air Gap whiteboard for meeting rooms

Do you need extra security for your meetings?

Many organizations and government agencies require air gap solutions to protect highly sensitive data. FlatFrog™ Board airgap solution offers a whiteboard that allows teams to work more effectively in a secured environment.

Typical industries include:

  • Aviation
  • Banks & financial
  • Government
  • Industrial control systems
  • Life-critical systems
  • Medical Equipment
  • Military
  • Nuclear power plants

Air Gap Whiteboard

Use templates, images, sticky notes and more to improve your iterative workflow while keeping your meeting data secured.

Technology Comparison

  • Microsoft Whiteboard
  • FlatFrog Board Air Gap
  • Internet access
  • Offline install
  • Files saving
  • Customization*
  • Cloud
  • Disabled
*e.g. Save files locally, internal network email, etc.

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