How to install FlatFrog Board in your meeting room

Icon 1 - Step 1

You need a large InGlass™ touch display that is connected to a PC

The Inglass™ technology is available in displays from many leading display brands.

Add it as your companion whiteboard display in any existing meeting room.

Read more about the PC requirements (Requires Windows 10 1809 or later) and installation instructions

Icon 2- Step 2

Install FlatFrog Board for Rooms on the PC

Select a pricing plan to get access to the room software.


Supported versions

Meeting Room
Microsoft Teams Icon- FlatFrog Board works on Microsoft Teams as well
MS Teams

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Supported versions

Meeting Room

The Standalone version of Flatfrog™ Board for Rooms can be downloaded from our Admin portal

Now you can start whiteboarding!

Use FlatFrog Board for web to prepare meetings, store boards and Collaborate with your colleagues.

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