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Don't waste your team’s time on creating Dot Voting and other project management tools from scratch. Use our free online whiteboarding app with a ready-to-deploy Dot Voting template and instantly collaborate with your office-based, offsite or hybrid team in real time.

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What is Dot Voting Whiteboard Template?

In Dot-Voting participants vote on their chosen options using stickers.

Dot votin

Decision making and Prioritization

Dot Voting is an essential tool for project management within team contexts that managers can use to foster democratic decision-making and evaluate the team-members’ views on project ideas and plans. It is also possible to implement anonymous voting, which is especially useful for the formative phase of projects, both in terms of throwing out ideas and then voting on them.

When to use?

Decision making and prioritization

Dot-voting is a quick and simple way to prioritize a long list of options. It is faster than having to perform full ranking of all the options. Participants are not required to give a complete explanation for each selection. And it creates a sense of engagement in the decision.

Available Templates

Whiteboard templates

The Flatfrog online board’s built-in Dot Voting template is a simple but highly effective project management tool. It is pre-configured with 9 participant slots and 4 idea/choice/alternative cards to select from by voting, all color-coded for visual effectiveness. The number of participants or choices can easily be expanded by copy/pasting to meet your specific needs.


We create a lot of custom elements. They are lightweight and fast. With copy and paste Webflow feature you can easily use them for your needs.


All colors in this template can be easily changed with Global swatches.


This template uses such features as Global swatches and Symbols. It gives you the ability to customize the template for your need easily and fast.


We spend a lot of time to collect all best practices and the most necessary experience in one place.

The only one template you need

With additional functionalities like customization, collaboration, and easy to use interface makes your team extremely productive. More over, this Kanban template for whiteboard is absouloutely free!

Launch dot voting in 3 steps


Start a New Board

After sign up, click ‘New Board’.

Use or customize the free Dot Voting template

Choose Dot Voting template, create your own or start from scratch on a blank whiteboard.


Invite collaborators

Invite participants to join and contribute to the digital whiteboard session.

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