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Free Gantt Template
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Start collaborating with your agile/hybrid team instantly with our Gantt chart template for the free FlatFrog online whiteboard.

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Gantt Board Template for Whiteboard

Save your team's time

Don't waste your team’s time on creating Gantt charts and other planning tools from scratch. Use FlatFrog free online whiteboarding app with a ready-to-deploy Gantt chart template and instantly collaborate with your office-based, offsite or hybrid team in real time.

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What is Gantt Template?

A Gantt chart is a bar chart that illustrates a project schedule.  FlatFrog Board whiteboard template library enables you to get things done, with no training required for your team to use the app.


Manage project schedule in a highly visual way

The FlatFrog online whiteboard comes with a flexible and intuitive Gantt chart construction template that can be launched and collaboratively used within minutes.

When to use?

Perfect for project tracking

Gantt charts are the gold standard for multi-task scheduling, whether for individuals or teams and a cornerstone of agile methodology. Does your team or groups of teams need to list and prioritize a set of tasks with overlapping timelines? Then the Gantt chart is for you–a highly visual and intuitive way of clarifying task scheduling.

Available GANTT Templates

Whiteboard templates

FlatFrog Board online Gantt chart template can accommodate up to six tasks across five ‘checkpoints’. The highly visual color-coding grid background make this chart easy to read. Because the template is pre-populated with cards that can be edited, copied, moved and deleted as necessary, you can collaboratively create a Gantt chart in no time at all.

Launch Gantt template in 3 steps


Start a New Board

After sign up, click ‘New Board’.

Customize your free Gantt template

Choose ’Gantt Chart’ from the Brainstorming and Ideation category. Before the board launches, you will be prompted to give it a name and invite collaborators if you wish.


Invite collaborators

Invite participants to join and contribute to the session either when launching to board, or at anytime later using the ‘+’ button.

It’s easy to get started

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