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Free Storyboard Template
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Start collaborating with your agile/hybrid team instantly with our Storyboard template for the free FlatFrog online whiteboard.

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Storyboard template for FlatFrog online whiteboard

Save your team's time

Don't waste your team’s time on creating workflow template from scratch. Use our free online whiteboarding app with a ready-to-deploy Storyboard template and instantly collaborate with your office-based, offsite or hybrid team in real time.

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What is Storyboard Template?

A storyboard is a graphic organizer that consists of illustrations or images displayed in sequence.


Create in a highly visual way

The FlatFrog online whiteboard comes with a flexible and intuitive Storyboard template that can be launched and collaboratively used within minutes. Storyboards were originally created to pre-visualize video projects by planning the video's story and organizing every shot. But they have become highly effective tools for any agile project or for visual presentations requiring a narrative.

When to use?

Visualize and collaoborate

Perfect for collaboratively visualizing and planning project any project prior to inception, and an essential tool for project managers, team leaders and flat agile teams.

Available Template

Storyboard whiteboard template

The Flatfrog online board’s built-in Storyboard template is a simple but highly effective project planning tool. It has 10 frames on launch, each accommodating a ‘picture’ and ‘caption’ to tell the story of your project. It easily expands with the addition of pages as the complexity of your project increases.

Launch your Storyboard in 3 steps


Start a New Board

After sign up, click ‘New Board’.

Customize your Storyboard template

Choose ’Storyboard’ from the Brainstorming and Ideation category. Cant find what you need? Start from scratch on a blank Board or create your own template.


Invite collaborators

Invite participants to join and contribute to the session either when launching to board, or at anytime later using the ‘+’ button on the right, and you will be collaborating on your Storyboard within minutes. You can keep adding new collaborators as necessary, perhaps expanding from an office-based team to an off-site or hybrid team as the situation demands..

It’s easy to get started

Ready to make life easier?

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