Free Online Hybrid Whiteboard
for Hybrid Teams

Easy to use without any hassles

FlatFrog™ online whiteboard is ideal for hybrid teams and hybrid workspaces because of tight integration between the FlatFrog™ online whiteboarding app and your office-based InGlass™ interactive display.

Thanks to this integration, everyone participates on the hybrid whiteboard as though all are in the same room.

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Online collaboration

Everyone participates on the hybrid whiteboard as though they are all in the same room.

1. Digitize your ideas 

As easy to use as a dry-erase board, InGlass™ interactive displays provide the most intuitive way to capture your ideas.

2. Collaborate as a team

Work separately or together. Whether in the room or remotely, anyone can contribute to the board.

3. Access anywhere, anytime

Access personal or team whiteboard files from the meeting room display or from your laptop. Share what you want, when you want.

4. Future proof

The hybrid whiteboard is perfect for ad-hoc or standing meetings. Use in-room or in remote face-to-face meetings. Works with any VC of your choice.
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