FlatFrog announces the launch of TeamTablet™ appliance family that ushers in the next generation of advancement for collaboration solutions

FlatFrog announces the launch of TeamTablet™ appliance family that ushers in the next generation of advancement for collaboration solutions

This innovation enables companies to seamlessly enhance their current video meeting platforms, with walk-up and use interactive screensharing, third-party apps, and whiteboarding capabilities.

Lund, Sweden, Jan 28, 2024
: Post-Covid, there has been considerable advancement in integrating video conferencing into meeting spaces. However, users continue to seek more engaging and collaborative experiences that go beyond video and audio calls afforded by current solutions.

FlatFrog is thrilled to unveil the next wave of innovation, enabling IT to future-proof their meeting rooms with TeamTablet™ Flex and TeamTablet™ 55 appliances. This ensures that teams can get a better collaboration experience tailored to their specific needs, rather than a single, one-size-fits-all option offered by Rooms solutions like Teams, Zoom Rooms, and others.

Flex your meeting™ : TeamTablet™ Flex offers unparalleled flexibility to extend collaboration use cases in your team meetings, allowing you to maximize the return on investment of your meeting room AV and touchscreen equipment

  • Any video: Fully compliant with existing Teams Rooms, Zoom Rooms, Meet, Webex or any other video conference appliance. Install as a single display with a video bar or as a companion interactive display to an existing TV in the room.
  • Easily annotate your presentation: Wirelessly share presentations and other contents using your own personal device. Annotate with pen on your touch display, with no latency digital ink-back. This integrated performance is unmatched in the industry and goes beyond current Room solutions.
  • Add any third-party app: Use any third-party software application on a large touchscreen just as you would on a tablet. Whether your team uses PDF, Power point, Excel, Autodesk or similar software, it's now possible to interact with these programs using pen and touch on a large touchscreen and feels just like using your favorite tablet. Current video-based Room solutions do not allow this.
  • Use any whiteboard or built-in: For ad-hoc whiteboarding users can use the built-in FlatFrog Board or third-party whiteboard like Miro, Figjam, or Mural. FlatFrog Board is easy as using a traditional whiteboard and purposefully built for everyone to use. Invite remote colleagues to brainstorm your ideas.
  • IT remote management and security: Manage your deployment and usage statistics remotely. Designed to be fully secure and private

TeamTablet™ 55 OLED collaboration display- World’s first, thinnest and lightest:  TeamTablet™ 55 weighs less than 13kg and with a slim profile of only 20 mm, using OLED from LG Displays that offers unmatched viewing angles and contrast. It includes Inglass™ touch allowing for natural writing with passive pens and finger-touch. It comes with built-in compute engine that allows for all the features of  TeamTablet™ Flex.

Come meet with us at ISE 2024, booth 2N420, to experience the TeamTablet™ Flex and TeamTablet™ 55.  TeamTablet™ Flex is available for order now on our website and starts shipping in April 2024.

About FlatFrog

FlatFrog is the market leader in interactive meeting solutions, with high-performance  TeamTablet™ appliances for both in-room, hybrid and virtual meetings and patented InGlass™ touch displays. FlatFrog has designed its award winning, InGlass™ touch display technology from the ground up, providing the best pen and touch input to mimic the intuitive feeling of a dry-erase board. FlatFrog is headquartered in Lund, Sweden, with locations in the U.S., Taiwan, China and South Korea. For more information, please visit https://www.flatfrog.com.

TeamTablet™ Flex is an easy-to-install appliance that upgrades interactive touch display to a TeamTablet™ enabling you to extend your current video meetings like Teams Rooms, Zoom Rooms, Webex and so on, wireless presentations, 3rd party software, and whiteboarding support. IT can now customize their meeting rooms as per the user requirements and include features that go beyond video and audio calling.

TeamTablet™ 55 is the world’s first OLED touch based 55” TeamTablet™ for hybrid collaboration in strategic partnership with LG Displays. Prepare to be amazed by its exceptional thin and light industrial design and built-in cloud enabled collaboration software features. This device’s stunning design and flexibility makes it fully at home in your CEO’s office, Board room, or team meeting spaces.

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