FlatFrog Board Collaborative Whiteboard Launched for Hybrid Teams

FlatFrog Board Collaborative Whiteboard Launched for Hybrid Teams

As you prepare to get back to the office, continue to grow your productivity in a hybrid mode. The new Flatfrog Board whiteboard application allows you to continue working from home, but now also connects to your meeting room InGlass™ interactive display. Get your teams efficiently aligned for daily standup, sprint retrospectives or ad-hoc ideation sessions.

Let us look at some key new features.

1.     Powerful productive collaboration whiteboard between meeting rooms and anywhere
Whiteboard from Anywhere
  • Hybrid whiteboard collaboration between the office and the home. FlatFrog Board for Rooms, our digital whiteboard for meeting rooms, is now updated for compatibility with our free online whiteboard cloud application. You can start a meeting using your laptop at home or in the meeting room. Remote participants also can join from separate meeting rooms with InGlass™ displays or from their own laptops using the free online whiteboard.  
  • No training needed. Get your teams to start using this fast. We have avoided unnecessary complexity in our design. Don’t get lost in infinite canvases. FlatFrog Board uses a multi-page system so that everyone knows exactly where to work. Groups can collaborate on separate online whiteboard pages or together on a single page. 
  • Presenter mode. Use presenter mode to manage your meeting better. Allow everyone full freedom to move around or enable them to follow your whiteboard presentation.
  • Remote pointer. Don’t let you team members be confused about what you are pointing at. You can now use our ping feature that highlights whiteboard items to other users.
2. Built in templates, customize as needed
  • FlatFrog Board comes with a template library, but you have the option of creating your own. Quickly begin working by starting a new whiteboard from one of our templates or opt to add your own template page. 
  • Organizing notes is simple with auto-aligning objects and the ability to lock them in place.
3. Easy project organization and sharing with your team
  • From the whiteboard Dashboard, you are now able to find all your Boards. The dashboard displays your Board and other Boards that are shared with you. 
  • You can even upload existing Boards (.ffb files) that were created in previous versions of FlatFrog Board, or ones from FlatFrog Board for Rooms to the Cloud. 
  • Share the Board with your team by copying the Board Link and pasting it into Microsoft Teams, Slack, or whichever team communication software you prefer. Rest assured that your work is accessible only to yourself and those with whom you choose to share.  
  • Board management is enabled from the Dashboard. In the Dashboard, you will find access to My Accounts to manage your settings.
  • Prepare offline for upcoming meeting. My Items is also accessible from the whiteboard dashboard, where you can jot down quick notes or prepare ideas offline for an upcoming meeting.
Try our collaborative online whiteboard on your laptop sign up for free.
Try on your meeting room InGlass™ display download here.


For in-depth information and tips on how to use the whiteboard, please visit our Knowledge Base

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at support@flatfrog.com.

We are also happy to show you around the FlatFrog Board and answer your questions via demo, which you can schedule here.


FlatFrog is a provider of free online whiteboards (app.flatfrog.com).

FlatFrog has also designed patented InGlass™ touch display technology from the ground up, providing the best pen and touch input to mimic the intuitive feeling of a dry-erase board. InGlass™ touch displays are available through our partners, including Dell, Google, Samsung, SMART, Sharp, Ricoh, Avocor, CTOUCH and more (www.flatfrog.com/partners).

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