FlatFrog Board is Getting a Big Update

FlatFrog Board is Getting a Big Update

Share your content easier

We have a brand new Share flow that lets you choose which pages you want to share, the file format including PDF, immediately share with our convenient email service (MailGun) and if you set up your email directory (LDAP) we now offer autocomplete options to quickly share to your colleagues.

Each page now does more

Tap on the active page to bring up a new menu where you can quickly copy and paste items to and from the board, access the background, and introducing the ability to duplicate entire pages. You will notice that you can see more pages at once which also means it is now easier to reorganize the order of pages.

We are always making FlatFrog Board work better for you.

Shiny new stickers for you and your team to play with. Also, loading and closing times have improved. No more fussy pop-ups, and Autosave is now on by default.

Even more exciting news!

  • We now support Intel Unite® (3.0 and 4.0) and QuickLaunch to get you to the best interactive whiteboarding experience even faster
  • Finger paint toggle is now off by default for InGlass™ displays
  • Installation experience has been improved including license file support
  • Default file names for sent and exported files
  • The clipboard is now cleared when closing a session

Just update your FlatFrog Board application to get all the new features!

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