SWOT Analysis Using an Online Whiteboard

SWOT Analysis Using an Online Whiteboard

Summary: SWOT analysis is used by business and marketing teams to visualize the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of a business venture. Though it’s a simple framework, it provides a vital insight into the business. With the emergence of hybrid work, distributed teams are hard pressed to find a suitable tool to help the team stay connected and productive. See how teams today are conducting effective SWOT sessions using FlatFrog Board free online whiteboard.

1. Use an existing template, or create your own

FlatFrog board free online whiteboard comes with a library of templates. Under Operations, you will find the SWOT whiteboard template. If you wish to use your own, you can easily create and load a new whiteboard image.

Online whiteboard SWOT template
Online whiteboard SWOT template

2. Invite others to join the Online Whiteboard

The collaborative whiteboard link is available in the top right corner. Once selected, copy the link, and share via chat or email.  

Online whiteboard SWOT how  to invite
Online whiteboard SWOT how  to invite using code

3. Brainstorm individually using My Items  

With My Items, each person can add private notes to the digital whiteboard and only share when ready.

Online whiteboard My Items

4. Share your results

Once individuals have finished making their lists, the entire team can add their ideas to the digital whiteboard.

Digital whiteboard SWOT template populated

5. Synergize and improve in a group

With all ideas on the whiteboard, the team can categorize, prioritize, and improve together.  

Digital whiteboard SWOT categorize and improve

5. Save and share

Finally, the whiteboard can be saved and shared electronically with the team. Once saved, individuals or the team can revisit and improve.  

Free online whiteboard SWOT save and share

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