Wainhouse Research Evaluation of FlatFrog Board

Wainhouse Research Evaluation of FlatFrog Board

“We put FlatFrog Board through rigorous testing in our Research Lab and with internal remote co-creators working on their own local versions of the software. Our focus in this evaluation is on ease of use, feature sets, and use cases." the Wainhouse researchers say.

Specific items that they think are terrific:

  • How the software works with an InGlass display, creating an almost frictionless experience of drawing and annotating. "We consider the palm erase and drag-and-drop grouping to be exceptional differentiators for FlatFrog Board."
  • "The product has a very low learning curve – we were up and running quickly."
  • "The software’s ability to monitor the degree to which a user wants to rotate pictures, templates and sticky notes – it almost intelligently knows to “snap” these objects to be level within a certain threshold.”

Shared by permission of Wainhouse Research. Read more: https://insight.wainhouse.com/reportaction/MR-EVAL-19Q3-IDTN-Software/Marketing

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