What Is a Storyboard Template and How Can I Use It?

What Is a Storyboard Template and How Can I Use It?

What is a Storyboard?

A Storyboard is an arrangement of pictures or graphics used to create a visual story. When developing books, videos, TV programs or movies, authors typically use general Storybook templates to map the story using visual illustration. Once mapped, individual pieces of the story can be improved by changing or moving them around.

In business, the same technique allows users to develop a pitch or even chart customer journeys. By visualizing the flow, we develop insight into customer experiences and our own processes. Because Storyboard techniques require content that is easily updated and moved around, they are ideal for digital whiteboarding.

How to use Storyboard with a digital whiteboard?

Ready-to-go templates - Online whiteboards come equipped with a library of templates. On FlatFrog Board, Storyboard is a standard template that is immediately available to use. Below is an example of the template available with the FlatFrog Board.

Online whiteboard storyboard template

Work alone or with others – You can begin by populating the board with illustrations and captions, or invite others to join your session. When others join the whiteboard, multiple users can annotate, add images, and move them around at the same time.

Create and improve – Individual components in the Storyboard are improvable with new images or text, while still retaining the original flow. Or you can move each section around to improve the overall sequence.

Populated storyboard digital whiteboard

Once the whiteboard is populated, it is easy to improve by adding new images, moving them around, or marking on top of them.

Edit your storyboard collaborative whiteboard

Storyboard is ideal for digital whiteboards

Visual – Whether working on a story or a process, digital whiteboards allow us to visualize ideas. Vague concepts transform into a vivid and actionable framework.  


Work as a team – Using the Storyboard in the room or remotely, everyone can see and edit the content. With so many people working from different locations, online hybrid whiteboards allow participants to join and contribute to the Storyboard session as if they were in the same room.


Creativity - Storyboard techniques allow creative teams to throw ideas and images on the board for easy improvement. Images are replaceable with new sketches, and it’s easy to change the sequences, whether working on a web design, video or messaging. It’s possible to improve anything on the board. And when it comes to charting a business flow, the digital whiteboard is the perfect instrument for rethinking how we do business. If we don’t like the flow, we are empowered to change it. Upon completion, we can electronically share and improve our work.  


Storyboards techniques encourage individuals or teams to visualize an idea or a process. And with the flexibility offered by the online FlatFrog Board, users can fully unleash their creativity.


FlatFrog is a provider of free online whiteboards (app.flatfrog.com).

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