Avocor Advances Collaboration Display Market with InGlass™

Avocor Advances Collaboration Display Market with InGlass™

An entirely new platform, the F-series offers a unique combination of display technology and touchscreen innovation, compelling design and seamless integration into existing rooms, networks and compatibility with the UC hardware tools you use already. Boasting a superior touch and whiteboard experience because of the dramatically thin InGlass technology paired with Avocor proprietary engineering, the optically bonded F-50 series is smooth, seamless and accurate down to each pixel. It’s the ideal hardware to pair with the latest UC software tools, including Zoom Rooms and the Microsoft 365 ecosystem with Teams, Skype for Business and Whiteboard, to show Windows at room scale. Ultra-thin and lightweight, the Avocor F-50 series is available now in three sizes, including 86-inch (AVF-8650), 75-inch (AVF-7550) and the 65-inch (AVF-6550).

New Ultra-Fast 20-Point Optically Bonded F50 Series Touch Technology
Notably, the F-50 series displays are optically bonded, feature a new ultra-fast InGlass inking technology that delivers dramatically faster touch performance and the most realistic writing experience. With the very latest Gen4 touch technology, the F-50 series also includes four passive pens or up to 20 points of simultaneous touch, which enhance group collaboration, deliver a superior experience that is fast and accurate to the pixel, and the fastest response when users interact with the content on the display. An ideal tool for Microsoft 365 collaboration tools and to produce Windows at room scale, the F series also shows incredible detail and response for any cloud-based content and whiteboarding done at the display or from anywhere around the globe. The specially designed 3mm tipped stylus pens provide users with extremely accurate writing on the display for up to 4 people – and feel nearly identical to writing with traditional pen-on-paper. Additionally, object awareness means the display can easily recognize whether you are touching the screen with a pen, finger or palm, and respond accordingly enabling users to take advantage of advanced inking and whiteboarding applications.

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