Convergent Week: A Discussion with Brawn Consulting

Convergent Week: A Discussion with Brawn Consulting

Convergent AV - Feature Stories, News and Podcasts in and around AV - and Alan Brawn provide a great overview of the industry this week and also discuss the usability of FlatFrog's InGlass technology.

The FlatFrog conversation starts at 16:55 min.

  • "We've had interactive whiteboards for a long time, but so many of them didn't work the way my old manual ... whiteboard used to work. What has been brilliant about the Samsung Flip and others... is that they actually operate very similarly .. they are so simple to use and reaction time between stylus and what is written on the display surface is much more instantaneous and much more representative of the natural motion of the human hand. "
  • "You take the product that the user interface has been designed properly, then you take some of the FlatFrog technology... You blend them together and you're making a happy camper out of this old guy. And, by the way, it's not just this old guy; it's the number of people that don't want come and learn all the bells and whistles and all the nuances and all the new things that you might be able to do with a product. This brings a kind of credibility to 'let's just do this so it works the way it's intended to work in the real world.'"
  • "God bless FlatFrog for bringing us the technology that is easy and very collaborative for us to use."

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