Kickle - Is Dell Touch Monitor a Surface Hub Alternative?

Kickle - Is Dell Touch Monitor a Surface Hub Alternative?

Kickle, the video conferencing solution company, has been testing the Dell 55-inch InGlass™ display for their video conferencing software, and they like it!

"At Kickle, we’ve tested the Dell Interactive Touch Monitor. And you know what? It’s not bad: a great touch-experience, smooth design, and even “extraordinary” as far as ordinary computers go. But would this screen suffice as a Surface Hub alternative or a Skype Room System alternative?

First and foremost, let’s get into the touch experience. Dell Interactive Touch Monitor uses the InGlass technology, from the Flatfrog company. Dell is not the first manufacturer to move to InGlass technology. Why? Probably because they wanted to give it some time so that the technology, by this point, is tried and true.

If you add the Kickle software to your Dell Interactive Touch Monitor and use a Logitech meetup webcam (or any other webcam; just know that Logitech is a DELL partner), then yes, indeed, the Dell interactive touch monitor is a cost-effective alternative to Surface Hub. It costs approximately half the price of a Surface Hub."

Read more here - https://www.kickle.com/2018/02/12/dell-interactive-touch-monitor-surface-hub-alternative/

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