New 2019 Flip 65-Inch: Enhanced Collaboration from Samsung

New 2019 Flip 65-Inch: Enhanced Collaboration from Samsung

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Expanding on the success of the 55-inch model, the new Flip 65-inch is the latest addition to Samsung’s portfolio of digital flipcharts.

Samsung is now offering an advanced digital experience, truly making the move from analog to digital. The Note Layer and Merge to Roll features create a completely interactive whiteboard, while Brush mode recognizes a wide range of pen thicknesses, allowing users to produce the visuals they are looking for with the same smooth feel as a real paintbrush. Water and Oil Painting Modes allow for different styles and textures, while color mixing capabilities let users access a full, vibrant color palette. Additionally, advanced technical capabilities such as connection to the cloud and popular cloud collaboration tools including Office365, OneDrive and Remote Desktop1 as well as remote management allow users to take collaboration beyond the Flip and empower employees across multiple locations.

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