New Google All-In-One Announced Using FlatFrog Patented InGlass™ Technology

New Google All-In-One Announced Using FlatFrog Patented InGlass™ Technology

Lund, Sweden Sept. 13, 2021 

A major announcement by Google on Sept. 8 brings game-changing updates to Google Workspace – ones facilitated by innovative, patented InGlass™ technology from Sweden’s FlatFrog Laboratories. As an early disruptor in digital whiteboarding, FlatFrog has been a leading force in immersive team collaboration solutions for hybrid whiteboard workspaces. Now, FlatFrog’s InGlass™ technology is combined with the Google Meet hardware portfolio and all-in-one video conferencing devices.

Google’s partnership with Avocor, a longtime user of FlatFrog technology, taps into the vastly expanded need for employee collaboration regardless of physical location. Interactive display products in the meeting room and on home devices are crucial to equal, effective and flexible collaboration, making FlatFrog’s InGlass™ touch displays an integral part of the new Google Workspace collaboration platform.

In addition to Avocor, FlatFrog’s InGlass™ technology powers leading display brands, including Dell, NEC, Samsung, Sharp, Ricoh, SMART, CTOUCH and more. In various configurations and devices, the InGlass™ portfolio from FlatFrog provides a seamless pen-on-paper experience on a digital screen. The advanced InGlass™ object recognition allows users to switch seamlessly from a pen, finger or palm on an ad-hoc basis. Along with sleek, bezel-less, edge-to-edge interactive designs measuring 65 inches, InGlass™ displays come with optical bonding and zero parallax for realistic, anti-glare writing – and a passive InGlass™ pen that needs no charging.


Google Meet Series One Devices

The Google Meet Series One devices, developed in partnership with Avocor and known as Desk 27 and Board 65, now give millions of Google Workspace users and employers the option to connect and engage in meetings wherever they happen to be working.

Sanaz Anhari, Senior Director of Product Management at Google Workspace, explains: “With hybridwork, many teams—my own included—have locations and working hours that can change daily. When many of us were together in the office, we might have tended to schedule meetings at a time that favored the “in-office majority,” but now it’s especially important to schedule meetings that scale across the entire distributed team.” 

The Google Meet Series One Board 65 uses InGlass™ displays, leveraging the power of FlatFrog technology to help meet those needs. Anhari notes that the Desk 27device is ideal for smaller shared spaces in the office or at home, while the configuration flexibility of Board 65 instantly converts any space into a video collaboration hub.

The Google Meet Series One Board 65 is available for purchase via Avocor and will start shipping in Q1 2022.  


About FlatFrog

At FlatFrog, we put our customers and users first. We have led the disruptive innovation around natural digital writing for large displays, and we continue to innovate with new interactive solutions for corporate, education and other vertical markets. Our customers are large international brands that sell complete displays and products within these markets. 

FlatFrog is revolutionizing corporate conference rooms and school classrooms around the world with our high-performance patented InGlass™ technology. We develop, from the ground up, both software and hardware made for large-volume production. Our headquarters are in Lund, Sweden, with offices in Silicon Valley and Asia. Learn more about FlatFrog: www.flatfrog.com. 

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