Flatfrog Whiteboard with Airserver Wireless on CTOUCH Canvas

Flatfrog Whiteboard with Airserver Wireless on CTOUCH Canvas

The new CTOUCH Canvas comes with a software package that incorporates the FlatFrog Board for Rooms. FlatFrog Board for Rooms makes brainstorming, planning and execution even more visual. Get your teams efficiently aligned for daily standup, sprint retrospectives or ad-hoc ideation sessions. The FlatFrog Board is also loaded with templates. Don’t find what you need? Simply create your own template. Read more about the FlatFrog Board for Rooms here

As you prepare a return to the office, continue to grow your productivity in a hybrid mode. The FlatFrog Board allows you to continue working from home, but now also connects to your meeting room InGlass™ interactive display. You can start a meeting using your laptop at home or in the meeting room. Remote participants can also join from separate meeting rooms with InGlass™ displays or from their own laptops. And with AirServer native wireless sharing, you can share up to nine devices at once to the meeting room display.

Experience this and more when you work with the FlatFrog Board and AirServer screen-sharing on the CTOUCH Canvas. Learn more at Touchscreen CTOUCH Canvas: Take team collaboration to the… | CTOUCH.

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