InGlass Displays are Now Available from Weframe

InGlass Displays are Now Available from Weframe

The Sessionboard 86-inch is designed to be the workhorse for high-powered teamwork. Boasting 86-inch screen size and 4K resolution, the Sessionboard provides ample space for all ideas and team members. Several people can view or interact with the screen, so all ideas are captured. With One-Tap-Productivity, a single tap on the start screen leads to team collaboration. And the InGlass™ touch technology supports:

·        Simultaneous interactive workflows for several participants, up to 20 touch interfaces

·        Natural handwriting and automatic pen recognition 

·        Write, type and swipe 

Learn more about Sessionboard 86 at https://weframe.com/workspace/.


FlatFrog is a provider of free online whiteboards (app.flatfrog.com).

FlatFrog has also designed patented InGlass™ touch display technology from the ground up, providing the best pen and touch input to mimic the intuitive feeling of a dry-erase board. InGlass™ touch displays are available through our partners, including Dell, Google, Samsung, SMART, Sharp, Ricoh, Avocor, CTOUCH and more (www.flatfrog.com/partners).

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