Wainhouse at InfoComm 2018 - Collaborative FlatFrog Technologies

Wainhouse at InfoComm 2018 - Collaborative FlatFrog Technologies

"The FlatFrog booth was like Grand Central Station, what with its own software as well as partners Bluescape, SMART Technologies, Avocor, and the new 55-inch Samsung Flip board that was incongruously announced way back in January at the CES.  All the partners were showing off ways that FlatFrog’s patented InGlass multi-touch technology makes their software and displays work better.   The best way I can describe the underlying technology is that it serves up reverse light from the back of the board that gets scattered as one touches a monitor.  Some advanced signal processing and tomographic algorithms further deliver a 2D reconstruction of input.  While it takes an in-person demo to fully appreciate FlatFrog’s capabilities, the net benefit of using FlatFrog-enabled displays is that touch monitors are so sensitive a user can annotate content evenwhile wearing a glove.   FlatFrog does sell modules under its own brand name and has its own software (available on Windows 10 machines in a 30-day free trial) but places an emphasis on licensing these capabilities to other vendors.  And FlatFrog’s partner list has become a Who’s Who in the industry, including the likes of Dell, Prysm, Pexip, Promethean, HOYLU, Intel UNITE, Polycom (Pano), and Actiontec (known to some for their role in helping develop Microsoft’s Miracast in Windows 10).  Hey guys, even Zoom uses FlatFrog.   Specifically announced at InfoComm this month: new displays from ViewSonic and Avocor using FlatFrog InGlass technology.  And in a bit of guerilla marketing (no press release anywhere I"ve looked), SMART was showing off its new 7000 Pro Series boards with an Intel Core i5 compute card option that can be used to provide a full Windows 10, Surface-Hub-like experience.  SMART also showed some new UX features (customizable home pages on their boards) plus new security and 'casting content' features."

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