ZDNet: Samsung Flip - Collaboration Display with a Twist

ZDNet: Samsung Flip - Collaboration Display with a Twist

ZDNet: “Samsung's 55-inch Flip display is a digital replacement for the traditional whiteboard or flip-chart, and a competitor for products like Google's Jamboard (£5,198 with stand) and Microsoft's Surface Hub (£9,500 for the 55-inch model). At £2,499 plus around £780 for a stand, the Flip is considerably more affordable than its current competition and looks to be a natural fit for business meeting rooms.

Overall, the Samsung Flip's industrial design is unfussy and well thought-out -- down to details like the height-adjustable stand with an integrated shelf and lockable wheels.

Up to four participants can draw on the touch-screen simultaneously, using the passive stylus (two are provided) or a fingertip. When not in use, the pen can be stowed in a pod beneath or on the left side of the screen (depending on orientation); when you remove the stylus from the holder, the screen turns on, ready for use.

Samsung's overriding goal for the Flip was to make a straightforward and accessible collaboration screen without too much complexity in either the functionality or the user experience.”

Read the complete article here: https://www.zdnet.com/product/samsung-flip/

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