TeamTablet Flex - Pilot progam

Thank you for participating in the TeamTablet Flex pilot program!
We are excited to have you onboard and eager to support your evaluation of our innovative technology.
Explore the features and benefits of TeamTablet Flex below to see how it can transform your workflow.

Jump in and try all use-cases

✅ Just tap the video window to access Microsoft Teams Room in full screen and start a meeting.

✅ Screen share your laptop by pressing Windows + K and select TeamTablet Flex.
Make sure to activate ☑️ "Allow mouse, keyboard, touch, and pen input"
Control your laptop from the display. See details below.

✅ Click the whiteboard for instant whiteboarding

Do an interactive presentation

✅ When you have connected wirelessly with screen sharing as above to
TeamTablet Flex with Windows + K, open a Powerpoint presentation and run it in presentation mode. 

👆🏻 Change page in presentation by swiping your finger  

🖊️ Ink with the displays pen

👋 Erase with back of pen or your hand.

Start any 3rd party application

When connected with your laptop you can start any application that you have on your laptop. You control it from the touch display!

By pressing X you come back to the green startup screen.


When you start the Whiteboard and have content shared you get picture in picture windows on the display.

Learn more

All features are described in detail in our Knowledge base

Feel free to reach out for help with this pilot.
Chat on MS Teams
Or call +46 70-069 21 61

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