Free Room Whiteboard for your NEC InGlass Display

Transform your team meetings

Collaborate effectively between the office and home

Whether on your laptop or in the meeting room,
everyone participates real-time as though they were in the same room.

Free Online Whiteboard For NEC


Use your laptop, tablet or mobile phone.
Supports keyboard and touch
Launch Free Online Whiteboard on Browser

NEC Whiteboard For The Room


Use with InGlass touch display.  
This is as easy as your dry erase board.
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3-in-1 solution

Room NEC Whiteboard

Room Whiteboard

Use FlatFrog Board's templates, images, sticky notes and more to improve your iterative workflow. Email a copy to the team. Want to continue later? Just save the file and resume whenever.

Sceensharing For NEC Whiteboard

Screen share

Share your presentation from your laptop. Either wired or wirelessly. Take an image of your presentation, annotate it on the whiteboard and adjust with pinch zoom.

NEC Collaborative Free Online Whiteboard


Connect to your whiteboard from different meeting rooms and/or from home office or hotel. Co-annotate, share sticky notes and images between meeting room displays - Free online whiteboard.

What you need to get started

NEC Interactive Touch Display

InGlass NEC 55
InfinityBoard® 55"
InGlass NEC 65
InfinityBoard® 65"
InGlass NEC 75
InfinityBoard® 75"
InGlass NEC 86
InfinityBoard® 86"

Room Components

Room PC
USB Cable
Type A -> B
HDMI Cable
4K 60Hz
Make sure that you have the right system requirements

How to setup and install

Step 1

Connect the USB cable and the HDMI/DisplayPort cable from the computer to the NEC InGlass™ display

Meeting Setup for NEC InGlass Displays

Step 2

Sign up, then download and install the app on the computer that is connected to your room display

get whiteboard
Install NEC Whiteboard
Install FlatFrog Board and launch
Enter NEC Whiteboard Code
Enter the 12-digit code you have received via email

Get FlatFrog Board for Standalone Whiteboarding

To download FlatFrog Board for Standalone Whiteboarding without hybrid features, start by signing up for an account on the FlatFrog Board Admin page


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