How Can Whiteboard Templates Improve Your Next Meeting?

How Can Whiteboard Templates Improve Your Next Meeting?

Meeting preparation pays off

Successful meetings require preparation. A planned structure allows the host to manage the meeting agenda and time allotment. Whiteboard templates already built into online whiteboards provide a quick-starting canvas for sessions that require visualization and in-meeting collaboration. With these capabilities in place, you avoid walking into your next meeting with a blank whiteboard and no plan.


·        Brainstorming – Even a free-spirited brainstorming session benefits from a framework with ground rules, including times and categories. Below is an example of how teams can use a FlatFrog Board whiteboard template to select four ideas and then proceed to a vote.

Whiteboard template brainstorming

·        Workshop – Online whiteboards are an ideal tool for any workshop. Collaborative online whiteboards fluidly facilitate workplace exercises that require everyone to contribute. In the example below, a collaborative team can leverage the built-in whiteboard template for a live SWOT analysis.  

Whiteboard template workshop

·        Project management – Previously, teams would congregate around a dry-erase board to plan and track each project. With the current availability of online hybrid whiteboards, projects become viewable on a digital whiteboard, whether in the room or remotely. A Kanban board, as shown below, is available from the whiteboard templates library. The team can leverage it to quickly set up and track existing activities.

Whiteboard template project

·        Product Planning – Teams no longer spend time creating new frameworks. Online whiteboards come equipped with a range of product-planning whiteboard templates such as the Milestone Chart below.    

Whiteboard template product planning

Can’t find what you want?

Though many whiteboard templates exist, you may need something different or wish to tweak an existing template. Any collaborative whiteboard must come with the option to easily create and add your own template. Read more here on how to use templates with the FlatFrog Board.

Where can I find a suitable online whiteboard?

Free online whiteboards such as the FlatFrog Board are game-changers. Teams are no longer tethered to a dry-erase board in a meeting room. Whether inventing a new product, tracking a project or conducting a workshop, the information is now digitalized. And with powerful collaboration capabilities, remote users join the meeting as though they were in the same room. Hybrid whiteboards, specifically, are a new class of online whiteboards providing in-room and remote participants the same interactive whiteboard capabilities. The boundaries between laptop and meeting-room displays disappear.    


Online whiteboards can make your next meeting more effective by adding visual and collaborative elements to the session. Equipped with pre-designed whiteboard templates, your team instantly springs into action –using existing templates or ones created to fit your current needs.  

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FlatFrog is a provider of free online whiteboards (app.flatfrog.com).

FlatFrog has also designed patented InGlass™ touch display technology from the ground up, providing the best pen and touch input to mimic the intuitive feeling of a dry-erase board. InGlass™ touch displays are available through our partners, including Dell, Google, Samsung, SMART, Sharp, Ricoh, Avocor, CTOUCH and more (www.flatfrog.com/partners).  

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